This is a computer programme that we use to assess pupils’ comprehension ability and reading ages. Pupils select an appropriate book, read it and then complete a quiz. A report is produced outlining the pupil’s quiz score. Over time, pupils read more difficult books and improve their comprehension ability.


How is progress tracked and measured?


  • Teachers will use `Student Records` to observe pupils’ quiz scores and what they have read

  • STAR tests (reading tests) are completed four times a year and generate reading ages


How do we, in school, support reading and literacy?


  • Our year twelve students assist the teachers in `Accelerated Reader` lessons

  • Tutor Time delivers aspects of literacy

  • Tutors and teachers track pupils’ progress and check Quiz Trackers


How can I help my child at home?


  • Ensure that they are reading intently daily (ideally for twenty minutes)

  • Converse with your child about what they have read asking: what has happened?  What does that sentence imply? Summarise what you have read

  • Log in to `Home Connect` regularly to observe your child’s quiz scores and what they have been reading

Contact Ms Maher or Ms Davies if you require any further help.


Quiz Tracker:

In the pupil’s diary, you will find a record of the quizzes taken and passed, the title of books read, the book’s difficulty and the date of the quiz


This is the `reading range`: this means that the books are suitable for your child to read at a particular time based on the STAR test’s result