Our curriculum is designed to encourage learners to develop skills, creativity, imagination and
independence based on personal experiences, taught skills and critical understanding.

This is regardless of their experiences or skills set, as they embark on their journey in Art from Year 7.


Learners show these skills through their responses to a range of stimuli, personal ideas and project work. The subject provides an opportunity for pupils to take a personal interest in why Art and Design matters, their visual environment and to be inspired and challenged by studying a coherent, worthwhile course, throughout the Key Stages.

Pupils will engage with the creative process, allowing learners to develop, explore, record and realise their intentions in a vast array of materials and experiences. They will acquire a range of critical and contextual knowledge, developing understanding and the ability to review and refine
their work and fellow artists. This format is a consistent approach, which spans the ages of our learners, whether 11 or 18. Importantly, this methodology is also integral to their success.


The Art Department's facilities are available everyday with teacher's support.


The Key Stage Three course is a broad and challenging one, developing knowledge and understanding, coupled with the emergence of technical skills. Therefore, the transition between the key stages is a smooth one.

They study a varied selection from Year 7, ‘Me, Myself and Beyond’, on a carousel basis, through to Pop Art and Aboriginal Art in Year 8 and a Cultural Project with GCSE exam titles in Year 9. This enables the aptitude and qualities necessary for a successful GCSE to flourish later in their creative life.

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The OCR (9-1) Art and Design course is well-established within the department. Students are taught the core skills in a variety of mediums in order to gain confidence on their GCSE programme. Reference is frequently made to the next level up, as our GCSE students are encouraged to view and discuss with ‘A’ Level pupils their work. This ‘good modelling’ dictates even greater stretch and challenge strategies for the more able, whilst there is a successful structured plan for those who need greater support throughout the two years.
Our candidates will develop a Coursework Portfolio and sketchbooks culminating in a final outcome.

This constitutes 60% of their overall GCSE, whilst the exam period from January to April amounts to 40% of the course.

A broad spectrum of materials are used, ranging from traditional painting and drawing, printing, sculpture, ICT work, through to experimental textiles. Amongst the Faculty there is the opportunity
to explore new Mac computers in the Sixth Form.

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OCR A-Level Art & Design and OCR Combined Studies.
The new Linear A-Level allows room for experimentation, progression and confidence to grow, without external examination until they are in Year 13. Here, a Personal Investigation Portfolio and a written section equates to 60% of the course. From February of that year, they embark on the Terminal Examination which constitutes 40% of their A-Level.
We build on the strengths of the individual, providing support and nurturing so that an individual achieves their best. Whats more, the Art Department has an open door policy every evening in order
to support and offer guidance to our pupils.

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