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Our School Library

We are passionate about the benefits of reading and the effect it can have on our students progress.  


Our library is open during break times and lunchtimes; it is available for quiet study, lesson discussion and silent reading.


The library holds a varied selection of fiction and non-fiction materials, from classic novels and poetry to graphic novels and other fun fiction.


We hold a large collection of books supporting the Accelerated Reading Program, a scheme which tracks the reading progress of students throughout their KS3 years.


This embeds the habit of reading and teaches the benefits of reading for pleasure, as well as helping to boost wellbeing through engagement with positive activities.

"We are here to help you with homework, coursework and to help with reading for pleasure"

The Accelerated Reader Programme

Students benefit from an Accelerated Reader lesson once a fortnight.  This is a programme used to motivate, monitor and manage students’ independent reading practice and help students to develop a true love for reading. Students select an appropriate book to read and then they complete a quiz on the chosen book.  From quiz scores, teachers can track and monitor students’ reading and over time, encourage students to read more challenging books in order to improve their comprehension levels.

How is progress tracked and measured?

  • Teachers will use student records to observe quiz scores and monitor what they have read

  • STAR tests (reading tests) are completed four times a year and generate reading ages to ensure that students are reading the appropriate level books that books engage and challenge


How do we support literacy and reading school?

  • All students to have a reading book

  • Tutor time ‘Register and Read’

  • Word of the Week

  • Pre teaching of tier 2 and 3 vocabulary

  • Knowledge Booklets and extended reading opportunities in lessons

  • Reading strategies embedded in lessons e.g. Think Alouds

  • Reading strategies shared in student diaries

  • Focus on teaching disciplinary literacy and what it is to be a reader in Geography, English etc 

  • Opportunities for oracy

  • Participation in World Book Day


How can I help my child at home?

  • Ensure that they are reading intently daily (ideally for twenty minutes)

  • Converse with your child about what they have read

  • Monitor their reading log and quiz scores in their diaries

  • Encourage students to quiz on their books at home using the following link


​The library is an integral part of the school community; it is a safe space for all students throughout the school day.  With a full-time Librarian in place, it is open for use by all departments/curriculum areas.


Our IT equipment can be used for Study Practice, Accelerated Reader quizzing or general educational research.

Our Student Librarians are a key part of our school community, not only setting an example in their behaviours and attitudes but also themselves learning valuable skills to help them through university and beyond, from the key skills of library research and use of the Dewey Decimal System, to the more general workplace skills of self-discipline and teamwork. 

Students have flexible access to the library between lessons, as well as structured class time, and can borrow and return library books throughout the day.

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