Archbishop Ilsley School Library is available for use by the whole school community. The library is integral to the curriculum and is at the heart of the school.


We are always learning and continually increasing our knowledge. Because of this, Libraries are an important resource allowing people access to gain that ever increasing need for understanding.

The school library is here to help you find information for the subjects that you will be studying.  We have many information books that you can use for study or just for fun.

We run the Accelerated  Reading Scheme, helping students to choose suitable, age appropriate books using our vast fiction and Non-fiction collections.


We have a vast variety of Fiction books that you can use for study and read for pleasure.

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday 

8.45AM - 4.00PM

Open every break and lunchtime

"We are here to help you with homework, coursework and to help with reading for pleasure"


There are 10 computers with internet access that can be booked for lessons.


Students can use them at break/lunchtime and after school. We have black and white printing facilities.


AR Friday for reading and quizzing.



Our Library uses the Dewey Decimal System, this is the way that resources are stored in the library.


Accelerated Reader is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice, motivating your children to read for pleasure.

You can read more about Accelerated Reader and how we use it in school by clicking below: