In Design & Technology, we encourage our students to be motivated, creative and forward thinking.

Our aim is to create problem solvers of the future who consider both the aesthetics and ergonomics
of the products they design but most importantly they never forget the end user.

We encourage our students to use traditional skills such as drawing in one point and two point perspective and using equipment such as the band saw, lathe and pillar drill to more advanced techniques such as designing their ideas on Computer Aided Design and making their prototype using Computer Aided Manufacturing machinery we have such as the laser cutters and 3D printers.

When designing a new product we look at existing designers such as James Dyson, Dieter Rams and Jonathan Ives as these designers have produced iconic products. Many of our students have gone on to studying onto our successful A Level Product Design course and gone to university to study Architecture, Engineering or Design related degrees. We encourage our students to think like designers of the future.


A career in design is enormously satisfying. You have an idea and with the use of tools like
clay or computers - it comes to life. Imagine how satisfying it must be for the person who
designed the iPhone or Razr to hold the finished product in their hand.

Product Design could take you into a number of exciting career paths. Of course there’s
product design, industrial design, graphics design or automotive design. But what about
computer generated cartoons? Or maybe the Computer Aided Design and manufacture
industry appeals to you more? This course could take you into architecture, teaching,
manufacturing, advertising or engineering.

We have entered the rotary design awards the last 5 years, this is a very prestige award that is entered by many private schools. Each year, we have been commended for the designs the students have made and they have been high recommended for their innovative designs. We began 5 years ago, by coming 1st and had several students who were commended. In between, we have had many students who have been commended and more recently we were very proud of our students who came 1st and 2nd and once again had several students who were commended for their efforts.


All pupils study Design and Technology throughout Key Stage 3.The pupils follow a programme that allows them to study different areas of Design and Technology and this provides them with a broad based knowledge and experience of the subject. A typical Year 7 and 8 pupil would study Resistant Materials, Graphics, Systems and Control and Food. In year 9, they choose a specific area to work in.


Studying Design & Technology will develop you as a creative problem solver. You will be researching and evaluating products and processes, engaging in focused practical tasks to develop ideas, plan and make your own unique designs using a combination of materials
and computer aided design and manufacture. It is a subject that requires you to develop many different skills as well as utilising skills from other subjects.

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Think about the objects that you love. Your mobile phone with its elegant curves was designed on a computer screen. The car you yearn for started life as a reduced size clay model. A building that you admire sprang from the drawing board of an architect. And it’s not
a new phenomenon. Our fascination with Product Design goes back to flint arrow heads and earthenware pots. As a Product Designer, you are at the crossroads of a number of skills. Of course you need creativity, in order to imagine the shape and function of the object. But
you’ll also need to know about manufacturing processes, materials and marketing.

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