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Welcome to Design & Technology

In Design and Technology, our intention is to inspire our students and allow them to become confident, creative problem solvers with inquisitive minds who will have the knowledge and skills to thrive in the 21st century.

Through a variety of creative and practical activities pupils should be taught the knowledge, understanding and skills to engage in an iterative process of researching, designing, making and evaluating so students are better prepared to deal with tomorrow’s ever-changing world. Students will solve their own design problems, select and use specialised tools, processes, equipment and machinery including CAD/CAM and select from a wide variety of materials, components and ingredients. They will also understand developments in environmental issues, making healthy food choices and the hygiene, health and safety of themselves and others. This will be done through 4 stages; designing, making, evaluating and through technical knowledge. The Design & Technology curriculum is planned to enable all students to become lifelong learners as we continue to help the student to remember more and be able to do more.

We encourage our students to become independent, motivated and forward thinking so they are able to identify needs and opportunity as individuals and as part of a team to design and make products that improve the quality of life. 

Our program of study follows the national curriculum and furthermore, we make connections to careers. In addition to subject specific links, we aim to reinforce the skills within SPIRIT character programme that students will require in the world of work, so we can create chefs, food nutritionists, designers, engineers and architects of the future

Design & Technology


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