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Life to the Full

Life to the Full

Life to the Full is a programme in Relationship, Sex and Health Education for Catholic primary schools throughout the UK. Our Online Parent Portal contains: 

  • An overview of the programme,  “Life to the Full” 

  • Guidance for parents on the content of lessons 

  • Activities that can be undertaken at home to support the delivery of the programme 

What is Life to the Full

It’s a programme in Relationships Education based on the Department of Education guidance which will become statutory from September 2020. This programme is rooted in a Christian understanding of the human person, based on “A Model Catholic RSE Curriculum” provided by the Catholic Education Service.

How to use this online portal?

The Online Parent Portal provides parents of children in schools who subscribe to Life to the Full with:

  • Information about the programme children will be following;

  • Access to resources;

  • Suggestions for further activity at home.

To access it, follow the links to the year group your child is in. Your school will provide more details about what lessons your child will be learning and when,

Got a question?

Please talk to your school if you have a question. As we’re a small team, unfortunately, we’re not able to engage in direct correspondence with parents but please speak to your school and they will contact us if they require further information about the programme.

Usernanme: archbishop-ilsley-b27

Password: opp-calculator-987

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