Sixth Form 

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Message from Head Boy and Head Girl

As students of Archbishop Ilsley School we were able to experience first-hand professional pastoral and academic care throughout our five years in attendance of the school. As a result, there was no reluctancy in choosing to come back to join the Sixth Form. The step from GCSE to A Levels is one that cannot be underestimated. However, being a student at Archbishop Ilsley Sixth Form gives you the best possible chance to succeed. This is because of the welcoming family environment the Sixth Form shares as well as an extremely supportive staff network that is consistently there to support us. As well as enhanced academic studies, our Sixth Form also allows students to become more independent and mature. Such skills are not only paramount for this stage of your life but also your future.


One of the many attributes that makes Archbishop Ilsley Sixth Form unique is our Catholic ethos. It is something that is always prominent as Christ is the centre of our school community. The main focus of Sixth Form is academic studies, although, there are many opportunities for students to participate in  extra curricular clubs and internal and external events to help with personal development and growth, both in the Sixth Form and our wider school community. These opportunities allow both Year 12 and 13 students to flourish as individuals, working together more closely and building a strong sense of belonging within our Sixth Form community.


Here at the Sixth Form your learning is not limited to the class room. Many of the courses that the Sixth Form has to offer you, include field trips to enhance learning and understanding. There are also field trips to further your cultural understanding. For example, the Sixth Form offers a student exchange programme with Sahuarita High School, Tucson, Arizona ,as well as trips to Krakow, Poland to visit the site of Auschwitz.


We wish you the best in your academic pursuits. We both highly recommend Archbishop Ilsley Catholic Sixth Form as the next step in your education and believe you would be making a fantastic decision in choosing to continue your education with us.


Yours sincerely,



Head Boy             Head Girl



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