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Welcome to Music

“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind and life to everything” Plato

The Music curriculum at Archbishop Ilsley provides all students with the opportunity to be a musician in the classroom. Our curriculum ensures that students gain an understanding of the musical processes and practices used in different genres and in musical cultures throughout the world while learning skills in performance, composition and music appraisal.

The Music classroom is a lively and active place to be where lessons provide a practical experience of the musical concepts taught. Students can expect to sing, perform as part of an ensemble and use a wide range of instruments. Students compose their own music using instruments and music technology. All students have the opportunity to learn to play a range of instruments within our “Just Play” programme which recurs through Key Stage 3 while composition is taught through the development of compositional techniques. All students are taught a core musical vocabulary taught to our students using the acronym MAD T-SHIRT. The skills gained at Key Stage 3 provide a platform for music to be a viable option for students considering studying the subject at KS4.


At KS4 we study the OCR GCSE Music syllabus. Students complete non-examined assessments (NEA) in solo and ensemble performance and composition. Alongside NEA, students study the content required for the listening examination. This includes aspects of music theory and four Areas of Study. These focus on Film Music, development of popular music, rhythms of the world and concertos.


The study of Music goes beyond the study of the subject itself. Our students gain a wide range of transferable skills through the study of music such as teamwork, social skills and listening skills. Learning an instrument and composing music requires self-regulation, resilience and patience. It is proven that the study of music has benefits for students' concentration, memory and self-esteem. These are emphasised to students in relation to Character Education in school.



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