Under the patronage of Our Lady, the Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy aims to equip each pupil with the skills to thrive in our ever changing world. This includes a solid grounding in the teachings, traditions and beliefs of the Catholic faith whilst also developing an appreciation and
respect for all faiths. Pupils are challenged on their assumptions to help them formulate a robust
understanding of the faith and come to the realisation that each and every one of them is loved and valued by God.

In lessons pupils develop the skills of resilience, critically thinking and dialectics through the exploration of their faith historically, in contemporary issues, through biblical studies and philosophical thought. In turn pupils are encouraged to learn from religion in an experiential manner, whether in the classroom or on visits. Students are actively encouraged to question not only their own beliefs but also those posed to them in order to fully appreciate the complexities of life, belief and the divine, and in doing so, deepen their understanding, and by extension, their faith in God.

Religious Studies should however also go beyond the realms of a mainstream subject and encourages each of our pupils, whether Catholic or not, to consider their own spirituality and deepen their knowledge, understanding and experience of Christ.

NATRE Spirited Arts Competition
KS3 – trips to local places of worship
KS4 – philosophy and theology student conferences with Oxford University
KS5 – philosophy and theology student conferences with Oxford and Warwick University, bi-annual trip to Auschwitz


In KS3 pupils follow a curriculum that addresses the basics of belief predominately in Catholicism but also looking at all World faiths addressing why we believe in God, what we believe about God and
the world around us, and how a belief in God affects us. This provides the foundation for greater in depth study at GCSE.


In KS4 all pupils follow WJEC Eduqas GCSE Religious Studies Route B. This involves a study of Foundation Catholic Theology (with a focus on Origins & Meaning and Good & Evil), Applied Catholic
Theology (looking at Life & Death and Sin & Forgiveness) and a study of the teachings and practices of Judaism.


A Level RS has consistently been one of the most popular and successful A levels in the Sixth Form. Students study OCR Religious Studies (H573) which asks them to critically examine the big questions in life through the exploration of Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics and Developments in Christian Thought.