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Our Science Department aims to inspire, motivate and challenge all of our students, whilst furnishing them with the necessary skills, attributes and dispositions to successfully study KS3, GCSE and also KS5 Sciences.

The curriculum has been designed to enable all learners to develop their understanding and broaden their knowledge of the world around them. Science investigation skills are a key as an approach to exploring science. Such a focus on scientific skills will equip pupils with the skills needed not just to uncover facts, but to think critically and analytically in a wide range of situations.

The department has a range of teachers across the three disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils are encouraged to see the links between the sciences whilst at the same time appreciating their differing aspects. This will equip them for their life ahead be it through a vocational apprentice route or with a view to studying one or more of them in the sixth form and beyond. We are very proud of our past students who have gone on to read the sciences at universities including Oxford, Cambridge and St Andrew’s.

A KS 3 science club runs most terms on a Monday. Other extra-curricular visits include a visit to Chester zoo, various University Lectures, a visit to the Space Centre Leicester , a visit to Natural History Museum in London.

The school regular enters teams into the Biology Big Quiz.

"Science is valuable because it meshes with all our lives and allows us to channel and use our spontaneous curiosity"

Professor Susan Greenfield, Director, Royal Institution


Our KS3 Science Scheme of work organises the big ideas and topics of the programme of study into clear objectives. It outlines what the students need to know, what they must be able to apply and how to extend that knowledge where appropriate.


Separate Sciences (AQA Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

There will be an option of the most able students sitting the three separate sciences. Each science is taught separately. So over the two years you will achieve three GCSE grades.

Combined Science(AQA Trilogy)
In your science course you will study a mixture of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


The value of the course is 2 GCSEs.


At present we offer courses in GCE Advanced level in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and environmental Sciences. Depending upon you career choices and interests many student select one or more from these options. Each GCE is has a practical based element (Biology has a field course visit to Malham Tarn as a requirement).

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