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Uniform Reminder from the Head Teacher

Thank you very much for your support at the start of term. The vast majority of the students have returned to school smartly dressed and ready to learn. I am very appreciative of your support in ensuring that our high standards of uniform are met.

A very small number of students have returned to school without the correct items of uniform. Monday 10th September is the cut off date for any outstanding issues to be rectified. This includes cosmetic items such as false eyelashes and artificial nails. If your child is not fully compliant with the uniform policy on Monday 10th September then they will be placed in isolation or sent home until the issue is rectified. Please note that the school’s decision on uniform is final and has the full support of our Governing Body. Our uniform policy is available on the website or a copy can be sent to you on request.

All skirt and blazer strips need to be attached by Monday 10th September.

Once again, thank you for your support.

God Bless

Miss H Burrows

Head teacher