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Year 11 Academic Tutorial 2018

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11th October 2018

Dear Parent/Carer,

On Thursday 25th October we are holding academic tutorials for Y11 students and their parents/carers.

The tutorials will run from 9am until 5pm. Appointments will last 15 minutes and should be made with your child’s tutor via your child. Your child will attend the tutorial with you but is otherwise not required to be in school on that day. All other year groups are in school as normal - it is only year 11 students who are not attending lessons on this day. There will be no parking available on the School site.

When you arrive for your child’s tutorial you need to report to main reception where you will be signed in and escorted to the hall to see your child’s tutor. If you are able to bring photographic ID this would be helpful in speeding up the registration process when you arrive. It is not possible for you to access the school site other than through the main reception as all other gates are locked during the school day.

You will have a 15 minute conversation with your child’s tutor, reviewing their academic progress, attendance, punctuality, behaviour and next steps. You will also be asked to check that the contact information we have for you is correct and I will have the mock examination timetable available for you and the summer examinations.

Each student in year 11 is scheduled an appointment to meet with Melanie Williams the careers advisor and parent(s)/carer(s) are invited to attend, Melanie will also be available from 9.30am-2pm during the Academic Tutorial if you would like to discuss your child's next steps.

The following revision guides will be available to purchase during the day;

  • Science £5.50

  • Mathematics £5.00

  • English £3.00

It is expected that your child attends their academic tutorial wearing full school uniform.

There are very few opportunities to meet with you as parents during this important year and your support is greatly appreciated. If you are unable to attend on the Thursday please contact your child’s head of house who will seek to arrange another appointment time with you.

Please contact me if you have any further questions

Yours truly,

Ms A. Pereira

Assistant Headteacher