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Darker Nights - Stay Safe - Top Tips!

With the darker nights now upon us, it is important that students are reminded what we, as a school community, expect of them. We want to ensure our students feel confident to keep themselves safe and away from danger.

We would like to remind our students about the following;

Personal safety:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and keep valuables such as phones out of public view whenever possible

  • Do not loiter around after school, unless you have an after -school activity we expect students to be off site after 3.10pm and to go straight home.

  • Try to walk with a sibling, with friends or in groups.

  • Stick to well lit paths and walk with confidence – don’t be distracted by your mobile. Be alert to whats happening around you.

  • Avoid taking short cuts through parks, vacant lots, fields and other places where there aren’t many people around.

  • Choose the most direct route with the fewest street crossings.

  • Ensure your child knows his/ her parents/carers mobile / home phone number.

  • If your child cycles to school they MUST wear a helmet and have reflective lights.

  • If your child is issued a detention they must still attend.

  • If something happens you are worried about you MUST tell a trusted adult, parent/carer, teacher, Head of House, form tutor, The Hub or PC Kay.

Undeniably it’s important to stay safe and be cautious at all times of the year, but it’s particularly true this time of year as the mornings stay darker for longer and the afternoons and evenings become darker much sooner.

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