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School Closure in case of bad weather

As a school we do not wish to have to make any unplanned closures. However, bad weather can have an impact on the safety of students and staff and in some circumstances closure is unavoidable. When making any decision to close the school, the Head Teacher will take into account the local picture, the safety of students and staff on site and the safety of students and staff travelling to and from school.

A decision to close the school will be made as early as possible. The decision will usually be made by Helen Burrows, Head Teacher, but the decision to close may also be made by Birmingham City Council.

Once the decision has been made, the following will happen:

1. A message will be posted on the school website 2. Announcements will be made on local radio stations 3. A text message will be sent out to inform you that the school is closed

Please do not telephone the school if you are unsure; check the website and listen out for announcements on local radio. If there is no message on the website or announcement on the local radio, please assume school is open as usual.

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