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Year 7 and 8 Explore Learning Competition!

What is this competition?

Writing a short story with the theme of `A Chance to Change the World`.

How do I submit this?

Put it into the folder on Google Classroom titled `Short Story Competition`, your story title and your FORENAME AND SURNAME, by Monday 6th May.

What should I include in my story?

They need to be completely original and exciting! They must be linked to the theme. Write between 500-700 words.

What are the prizes?

A chance to win £500 worth of books for your school; a certificate signed by Alesha Dixon; a praise postcard and platinum house medal from school; an invitation to a celebration afternoon; a trip to Disneyland!

Still not convinced?

These skills are assessed in your GCSE English Language exams and in the English curriculum.

Have a go!

Pop into the Library after school to use the computers; show your story to your English teacher; pop in to the Library every Friday (first lunch) and see Miss Davies if you need help too!



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