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October Uniform Letter

14th October 2019

Dear parent/carer, As we head deeper into autumn and winter itself, it seems an opportune moment to remind you of our expectations regarding uniform, and more specifically outwear.

Students are not permitted to wear a hoodie to Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School. Please do not send your children to school in a hooded sweatshirt. If a student is seen wearing a hoodie in school, they will be challenged and asked to remove it. Appropriate coats should be worn. The recent inclement weather is another reason we insist on good, sensible, leather shoes. In most circumstances these offer the best protection against the heavy rain we have seen recently.

Jewellery is also not permitted in school - other than a wrist watch and a pair of plain stud earrings. Make up can be worn in KS4 - it should be discreet. No make-up is permitted in KS3. No nail varnish or nail extensions at any time. Haircuts should remain sensible - no lines, no patterns shaved in, not too short and any colouring should be natural. Please see our school website for more details and if in doubt do not hesitate to contact your child's tutor or HoH.

Finally, may I thank you for continuing to support our uniform policy. The vast majority of our students are an absolute credit to you and your family.

Yours sincerely,

Mr J Simmons

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