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Covid Update Letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to you with an update on the situation with Covid-19 at Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School.

Case numbers have been very low since we returned in September and we have been able to operate school more or less as normal. We have kept some of the changes we put in place during the pandemic i.e. separate breaks and lunches for different key stages and zones for each year group during social time, along with keeping rooms ventilated.

At present case numbers are starting to increase and we are monitoring the situation closely. It is possible that from next week we may need to reintroduce face coverings if case numbers continue to rise.

I would like to stress that there is no need for you to panic or worry. Although case numbers are rising, they are still relatively low in relation to the number of pupils in the school. Cases are also quite evenly spread across year groups.

We will continue to monitor the situation and should we need to reintroduce face coverings we will inform you immediately. We may also need to take additional protective measures such as cancelling assemblies and in person school events if numbers continue to rise significantly.

As parents and carers you can support your child and our school community by conducting regular home tests with your children. We have lateral flow test kits in school and your child can collect a kit from their form tutor. Regular testing will enable us to keep our school as Covid safe as possible.

If your child receives a positive result on a lateral flow test, you should then book a confirmatory PCR test which can be done through the NHS website. Your child should remain at home until the result of the PCR comes through. If the PCR test is negative then your child can return to school immediately.

There is no need for your child to self-isolate unless they have tested positive for Covid-19.

May I thank you for your ongoing support

God Bless

Miss H Burrows

Head Teacher