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DFE Announcement Update Letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Schools have been informed that pupils in exam groups, children of key workers and vulnerable pupils will return to school on Monday 4th January. All other year groups will receive remote education for the first week of term and will return to school on Monday 11th January.

Y11 and Y13 will return to school on Monday 4th January, along with children of key workers and other identified pupils in all year groups.

Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 will return on Monday 11th January. Teachers will set work via Google Classrooms for the first week of the new term.

Please read the statement from the Secretary of State for Education:

Students in exam year groups, vulnerable children and children of critical workers will all attend school or college in person from the start of term, as will all students in primary, special and alternative provision schools and colleges.

Vocational exams scheduled for the week of 4 January will go ahead as planned.

Secondary schools and colleges will operate a staggered return, offering all non-exam year groups full-time remote education, as close as possible to that which students would get in class, during the first week of term, with face-to-face education for all starting on 11 January.

I apologise for the extremely late notice. Schools were only informed of this decision this afternoon and we were not aware of any plans to stagger the start of term prior to the press release from the government. The start of term has been staggered to allow schools to start preparing for Covid-19 testing in secondary schools.

If you are a key worker parent and your child is not in Y11 or Y13, we would be very grateful if you could inform us, via the enquiry email address, if your child needs to attend school during the first week of term. We will not be able to respond over the holidays, but this will give us some idea of numbers for the start of term.

Thank you for your understanding,

Miss Burrows

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