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End Of Term Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am not quite sure where to begin in trying to reflect on the last academic year. We had all

hoped for so much last September but sadly, the year has not gone in a direction any of us

would have wanted. Your children and your families have experienced significant disruption

and in school our experiences have been no different.

As the year closes and we look forward to a break, I want to thank you for your kindness,

support and understanding throughout this year. I know only too well the sheer frustration

you have felt in having your children sent home on numerous occasions and the challenges

you have faced in trying to home school during lockdown. But you have done a marvellous

job of supporting us and I am so grateful to you, especially to those of you I have spoken to

personally who have told me how much you appreciate what school has done to try and

support your children, who have been nothing short of magnificent. Thank you for the lovely

emails, kind words on the phone, messages of support and the trust you have placed in me

and my staff.

I am keen not to dwell for much longer on this year and want to focus on planning for your

children to return in September. Please read this letter carefully as it contains some key

information for you and your children.


We are required to carry out lateral flow tests with pupils as they return to school from the


Please see below for the dates for each year group to attend for a lateral flow test and the

date of their return to school

Thursday 2nd September and Friday 3rd September: INSET days

Thursday 2nd September: Y12 and Y13 lateral flow testing

Friday 3rd September: INSET day, no pupils in school

Monday 6th September: Years 7, 8 and 9: lateral flow testing

Pupils will come into school for their then go home for the remainder of the day

Y10 and Y11: remain at home

Y12 and Y13: In school

Tuesday 7th September: Years 10 and 11: lateral flow testing

Pupils will come into school then go home for the remainder of the day

Y7, 8 and 9: Normal school day