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Exams - 2020: Post Results

Click here for Ofquals guide for summer 2020 examinations published on 20/08/2020.

What if some results are missing?

Some vocational courses such as Cambridge Technicals and BTEC Health and Social Care have not been issued yet. The awarding bodies are checking that their processes are in line with other qualifications.

We will issue these grades to you by post as soon as we receive them from the exam board.

What if I am unhappy with my results?

We encourage you in the first instance to contact school directly where staff will offer support and advise you on any next steps.

Teachers will be available from 2nd September. Appointments need to be made.

To discuss A Level results appointments with Mr El’Habid

GCSE results appointments with Mr McDonald

Autumn exam series

There is an opportunity to sit exams in the autumn.

A levels begin in October and GCSE’s in November. If you are interested in sitting an exam you need to contact school to discuss this.

Contact Mrs Stokes by 4th September for A Level entries

11th September for GCSE entries