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Letter from Miss Burrows - 15th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

We'll end this week with a few brief updates on the current situation affecting schools during the pandemic.

Free School Meals:

We have been told that the government will be starting to put the voucher scheme in place from next week. As soon as we have the ordering information we will start to order vouchers and send out to you.

Key Worker Provision:

We strongly advise you to keep your children at home wherever possible and only ask for provision if it is absolutely necessary. Only pupils of key worker parents should be requesting places and we will ask for proof of key worker status.

Y11 and Y13 exams:

There has been some speculation in the media about external assessments replacing exams. At present we do not have any confirmation or details of how teacher assessed grades will be awarded and OFQUAL are due to launch a consultation imminently. Y11 and Y13 pupils MUST continue to engage in their remote education as we may need to provide evidence of their work when grades are submitted. As pupils have already experienced significant disruption in the last 9 months it is critical they build a bank of evidence of their work.

Mass Testing:

Next week we will begin setting up the site for mass lateral flow testing for pupils and staff. Further information will follow once the site has been established and staff have completed their training.

Finally, we have been enormously grateful for some of the lovely feedback we have received from pupils and parents over the last few weeks. We know that home schooling is not easy and we are doing everything we can to support our pupils and their families during these difficult times.

Stay safe

God Bless

Miss Burrows