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Parent Letter Dec 14th - Remote Education Guidance

Dear Parent/Carer,

Tuesday 14th December 2021

Remote Education Guidance

Following on from Miss Burrows’ letter of Monday 13th December, please see the following guidance for Remote Learning during the first week back after Christmas – commencing Tuesday 4th January 2022.

• Tuesday 4th January 2022 – INSET Day. No students in school

• Wednesday 5th January 2022 - recorded lessons for all year groups

• Thursday 6th January 2022 - recorded lessons for KS3 (KS4/KS5 students in school)

• Friday 7th January 2022 - live sessions KS3 (KS4/KS5 in school)

Remote Education

Whilst students are not in school for face-to-face teaching, they will be able to access remote education that follows their usual school timetable.

Remote education for all year groups will commence on Wednesday 5th January 2022.

From Wednesday 5th January, the following approaches to Remote Education will be utilised across the school.

1) Pre-recorded lessons (e.g. Loom or voice over PowerPoint) sent via Google Classroom

2) Work set via Google Classroom (e.g. with links to other digital platforms such as MyMaths)

3) Live sessions will commence on Friday 7th January via Google Meet

4) Students are to complete work in their Study Practice Workbooks or on a google doc or google slides, depending on the instructions given by their class teacher.

5) If requested, students will be required to upload a photo of their work to Google Classroom. Please see the guidance videos for Google Classroom

Teaching staff will use the approach that best suits their students’ needs and that complements the nature of their subject.

Students should regularly check their Google Classrooms to access any remote learning set by their subject teachers.

When work is required to be returned to class teachers this will be clearly indicated.

Please see below our protocols for live sessions:

Online Live Sessions – Guidance for Students

• Our preferred online platform for live sessions is Google Meet. Students will join sessions via Google Meet and will need to log into their school account using their usual school login and password

• Students can only participate in Google Meet sessions using their school Google accounts. Cameras should be on and microphones muted. If at any point students feel uncomfortable with their camera on, they can be switched off