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Remote Education Provision - Live Sessions

Dear Parent/Carer,

Updated Information on Remote Education

Important information regarding Remote Education provision

We hope that you are all well. We appreciate that a return to online learning presents challenges, particularly when coupled with home working for parents and the latest announcement from the Government regarding timescales; we understand and accept there may be limitations to what can be achieved. We hope that as a school you feel that we are even better prepared and able to support our students through a more varied mix of activities and approaches to remote learning. The information below should help keep you informed regarding our next stage in our remote learning provision.

Over the next few weeks, some lessons will gradually move to include an element of face to face interaction using Google Meet. This means that teachers will be using Google Meet at scheduled times to deliver live sessions with their classes.

Students should follow their normal school timetable and expect to participate in sessions as scheduled. Live sessions will follow a general pattern, usually the teacher will start the session and introduce the topic or learning that will take place. It is unlikely that live sessions will run continually for the whole hour. Typically, the teacher will provide breaks where students are expected to carry on with their work independently, teachers will often re-join the session (via the video link) to check on progress or provide a plenary at the end of a session. Live sessions will support pre-recorded lessons.

Students should access live sessions via a link sent by their teachers, which should appear in their Google Classroom as an assignment for that subject. Students simply need to click on the link posted in their classrooms at the scheduled time and date and afterward press ‘hand in.’

Please see below our protocols for live sessions:

Online Live Sessions – Guidance for Students

  • Our preferred online platform for live sessions is Google Meet. Students will join sessions via Google Meet and will need to log into their school account using their usual school login and password

  • Students can only participate in Google Meet sessions using their school Google accounts. Cameras should be on and microphones muted. If at any point students feel uncomfortable with their camera on, they can be switched off

  • Students should also participate in live sessions in a suitable location and against a neutral background.

  • Students should be dressed appropriately whilst conducting video conferences – they should not be wearing their pyjamas

  • No elements of live sessions should be recorded by students or parents, if the school becomes aware that the voice or image of a teacher has been inappropriately recorded that is viewed as a serious matter and is likely to lead to a student being removed from future live sessions and face further in school sanctions.

  • Students should conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a school environment – including use of appropriate language.

  • There may be occasions where the teacher chooses to record their live session for those students who were unable to attend. During these sessions the students will be instructed to turn their camera and microphones off

  • Students should understand that they are free to mute themselves, turn off their webcam, or leave the conference if for any reason they become uncomfortable during the session.

  • Live sessions should not be used as a forum for parent teacher consultation. Should parents/carers have a need to raise a question with a teacher, this should be done using the or contacting the school on 0121 706 4200

It may be helpful to access our Remote Education page from the school website

In addition, if your child requires further learning resources we recommend:

  • BBC Bitesize

  • Oak Academy

  • Oak Academy Virtual School Library

We really appreciate your support at this time. We hope that live sessions make learning at home more interactive and therefore more rewarding for students and staff, we value your feedback on such matters. If you have any concerns or difficulties, please contact your son/daughter’s Form Tutor and Head of House in the first instance. They may direct your enquiry to others according to need.

As ever, thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Miss A Pereira Mrs L Grant

Assistant Head Teacher Assistant Head Teacher

A copy of the letter can be found here for you to download:

Parent letter Jan 28th
Download PDF • 625KB

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