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School Uniform Reminders

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you are enjoying the summer break and we are looking forward to welcoming your children back into school for the start of term.

Please read the following reminders with regards to uniform:

1. Piercings. Pupils are allowed one small stud per ear. Nose studs and any other piercings are not permitted. If your child has piercings which are not compliant with school policy please ensure they are removed before your child returns to school. Pupils who are not compliant will face sanctions if they are not compliant.

2. Footwear. Trainers/canvas shoes are not permitted. Pupils must wear a formal style of shoe suitable for a business environment.

3. Cosmetics. Any false nails and/or false eyelashes must be removed before your child returns to school.

4. For pupils who choose to wear a skirt, black or navy tights must be worn.

Thank you for your support

Miss H. Burrows