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Year 11 Final Day letter

Year 11 Celebration – Friday 21st May

11th May 2021

Dear Parent / Guardian

As you are aware the final day of school for Year 11 pupils is Friday 21st May.

We would like to use this day to celebrate your child’s time at Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School.

The arrangements are as follows.

• Pupils can wear their own clothes.

• It will be a shortened day for Year 11 students. The day will start at 9:15 and pupils will be

dismissed at 12 from the Victoria Road entrance.

• Pupils will be in their tutor groups from 9:15 until 11:00 joining together in mass and taking part

in activities to mark the end of their time with us. The Holy Souls gate will be opened at 9:15.

Pupils must be on site by 9:25 if they wish to participate in the celebrations.

• Pupils will be provided with lunch at 11:00 and Year 11 will gather together on the playground

to celebrate their achievements and say their farewells.

Please note that subjects will continue to gather evidence to support the awarding of GCSE

grades right up until Friday 21st May so it is essential pupils attend all their lessons and

work to the best of their ability. Please be mindful that some students may be invited into

school after this date in order to complete assessment work and gather final pieces of


I would like to take this opportunity to say what a pleasure and privilege it has been to support Year

11 pupils over the past 12 months. Their dedication and resilience in such unprecedented

circumstances have been truly inspirational. I have no doubt they will go on to achieve great things

in future.

Yours Faithfully

S. Daniels

Head of Year 11