Archbishop Ilsley has a Vertical Tutoring system of tutoring. Pupils are in House groups and have a tutor. House groups are named after great Catholic saints:

  • St Brigid

  • St Francis Xavier

  • St Joseph

  • St Catherine of Siena

  • St Augustine

  • St Monica

Tutors are the first point of contact should there be any pupils concerns. A head of house will have responsibility for all pupils in their family group. Tutor groups will be of mixed ages, consisting of students from year 7-11. Pupils have at least one assembly each week, Heads of House and tutors closely monitor pupils attendance as well as coordinating inter form and House competitions.

Our Learning Resource Centre assists tutors and heads of house providing the best care possible for our pupils.

Our school based nurse supports pupils with medical concerns.

Our attendance team monitors pupils attendance and supports heads of house and tutors in providing intervention Strategies to ensure that pupils have excellent attendance

To find out more about a House, click on its Saint below:

St. Augustine of Hippo
St. Brigid of Ireland
St. Catherine of Siena
St. Francis Xavier
St. Joseph the Betrothed
St. Monica of Hippo
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