Welcome to our Year 11 Parent Handbook.

In this document we hope to offer a practical guide for you, which will provide key dates, an overview of the support for every student and important contacts should you wish to get in touch with us.

I recognise that some of you will have older children and will have already experienced the GCSE journey. We have some changes to our support this year, with one-to-one meetings with leadership team members already in progress and a focus on identifying the support every individual student may require. There will be a range of targeted activities through the year and a dedicated section of the website will enable you to keep in touch with what is happening.

This is a very different year, with the national expectations moving to a 'strong' pass (Grades 9-5) and a range of new, linear GCSE courses being examined for the first time.

Our aim is support and our focus is ensuring that we provide every individual with the encouragement, guidance and information that they need to secure their future progression routes.

We have absolute confidence in our students and their ability to rise to the challenge.

We also know that a range of tried and tested initiatives, which run at different points throughout the time up to the exams, have a proven record of success. More importantly, students have valued the support, motivation and impact they provide.

The list of dates outlines the opportunities you will have to receive progress information and to meet with and talk to teachers in school in the coming months. However, should you wish to talk to us about any issues at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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