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Year 6 Transition

At Archbishop Ilsley transition from primary to secondary school is given the time, attention and dedication it deserves. The jump from primary to secondary is never an easy one and therefore we have a number of systems in place to ensure any child entering Ilsley as a new year 7 pupil feels happy, confident and excited. We are continuously  building even stronger relationships with our feeder schools, inviting year 5s into school to begin the process of getting familiar with our school early on. We also host a number of sports tournaments and workshops in school with our local primaries attending. Further to this we have a dedicated year 7 team with experience to support transition to make it as seamless as possible. The Head of Year 7, Ms Doherty, Slt link and SENCO, Mr Simmons and pastoral support, Mrs Copage know every child’s need well before they cross the threshold in September of year 7 and work with parents to put in place any support necessary. All pupils are invited for a transition day in the summer of year 6 and for those who require it, there are additional days and mornings in place to ensure a confident start.

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