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Reading Across the Curriculum

Accelerated Reader Programme Year 7 - Year 9

All pupils in KS3 benefit from an accelerated reader lesson once a fortnight.  This is a programme used to motivate, monitor, and manage pupils’ independent reading practice and help pupils to develop a true love for reading.  Pupils select an appropriate book to read and then they complete a quiz on the chosen book.  From quiz scores, teachers can track and monitor pupils’ reading, and over time encourage pupils to read more challenging books in order to improve their comprehension levels.

How is progress tracked and measured?

  • Teachers will use pupil records to observe quiz scores and monitor what they have read
  • STAR tests (reading tests) are completed four times a year and generate reading ages to ensure that pupils are reading the appropriate level books that books engage and challenge

How do we support literacy and reading at school?

  • All pupils have a reading book
  • Tutor time ‘Register and Read’
  • Word of the Week
  • Pre-teaching of tier 2 and 3 vocabulary
  • Extended reading opportunities in lessons
  • Reading strategies embedded in lessons e.g. Think Aloud
  • Reading strategies shared in pupil diaries
  • Focus on teaching disciplinary literacy and what it is to be a reader in geography, English etc 
  • Opportunities for oracy
  • Participation in World Book Day

How can I help my child at home?

  • Ensure that they are reading intently daily (ideally for twenty minutes)
  • Converse with your child about what they have read
  • Monitor their reading log and quiz scores in their diaries
  • Encourage students to quiz on their books at home using the following link.

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