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What does Safeguarding look like at Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School? 

At Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School safeguarding is of huge importance. We have a team of staff that support students and families that are facing safeguarding concerns. The team receive regular training and update their knowledge throughout the school year. The team works closely with several outside agencies including Birmingham Children’s Trust, the West Midlands Police and Forward Thinking Birmingham.

The whole staff at Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School are all trained and value the importance of safeguarding. Each day they act as trusted adults to students and pass on any concerns immediately. The relevant support and intervention can then be implemented.  

I have been the Lead DSL at Archbishop Ilsely Catholic School for nearly seven years. During that time I have supported many students and families. It can be a challenging role at times, however, it is extremely rewarding and seeing students overcome challenging circumstances and being successful makes it worthwhile. 

We have a robust Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy which encompasses Keeping Children Safe in Education (Sept 23). This document is extremely important and outlines the school’s responsibility in terms of safeguarding. It also advises some of the key safeguarding issues that are applicable to so many young people growing up in 2024.   

We also have two governors from the local governing body who are qualified as DSL’s. They regularly attend whole staff training and maintain an excellent knowledge of current safeguarding issues applicable to Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School.

Mr D Corrigan 

Assistant Head Teacher Lead DSL 

My Concern

At Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School we use My Concern to log and record all safeguarding concerns. This is an electronic recording system that staff can pass on any safeguarding concerns. When the DSL team receive alerts they can then respond, update and communicate what action has been taken. My Concern can also be used for analysis purposes and reports can also be generated. This is useful to diagnose what the main priorities are for our students and what training for staff may be necessary.

Safeguarding Team 2023/24 

The Safeguarding Team at Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School is led by Mr D Corrigan and Deputy DSL Ms S Smithen. 

Other DSL qualified staff in school are: 

Mr Clinton – Head Teacher 

Mrs Grant – Assistant Head Teacher and Head of Sixth Form 

Miss Whelan – Attendance Officer 

Miss Kilroy – Pastoral Lead KS4 

Mrs Copage –  Pastoral Lead KS3 

Mrs Lloyd – Senior Medical Lead

Ms Salas – Office Manager/Head PA 

Mr Ellis – DT/Voc Ed Dept 

Mrs Jones – Finance Officer/D of E Team

Useful Websites Safeguarding

Bharosa Domestic Abuse Service – specialist support for women particularly those from a South Asian background

Telephone: 0121 303 0368/0369

Men’s Advice Line

Telephone: 0808 801 0327

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