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“We are here to help you with homework and coursework, and to help with reading for pleasure”

We are passionate about the benefits of reading and the effect it can have on our pupils’ progress.  

The library is an integral part of the school community; it is a safe space for all pupils throughout the school day.  With a full-time librarian in place, it is open for use by all departments/curriculum areas.

Our Student Librarians are a key part of our school community, not only setting an example in their behaviours and attitudes but also learning valuable skills to help them through university and beyond, from the key skills of library research and use of the Dewey Decimal System, to the more general workplace skills of self-discipline and teamwork.

Students have flexible access to the library between lessons as well as structured class time, and can borrow and return library books throughout the day.

The library holds a varied selection of fiction and non-fiction materials, from classic novels and poetry, to graphic novels and other fun fiction.

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