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Quality First Teaching: Homework

At Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School we consider homework to be one of the foundations of quality first teaching. We set homework for the following reasons:

  1. Managing and completing homework develops the organisational skills of our pupils and builds lifelong habits.
  2. The completion of effective homework tasks helps consolidate knowledge and understanding developed in the classroom.

All pupils should receive homework over a two week timetable which will be recorded on class charts

  • Most subjects will set homework in week one, the pupils will have week two to complete the work. The tasks should take approximately two hours over the two week period.
  • Some subjects require greater frequency, these subjects will set shorter pieces on a weekly basis. Tasks should take one hour over the week.

The amount and frequency will be at the discretion of the departments.


Homework has a positive impact on average (+ 5 months), particularly with pupils in secondary school (EEF). Homework is likely to be impactful if:

Homework is connected to previous learning:

Homework task should allow pupils to consolidate their learning, or to identify areas of study that they are less confident in. It is important to make the purpose of homework clear to pupils (e.g. to increase a specific area of knowledge, or to develop fluency in a particular area).

Homework support:

All departments offer after school clubs. There is also a KS3 homework club every Thursday.

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