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Welcome to the Enquire and Create Department

Enquire and Create is a knowledge based curriculum that includes the humanities subjects, modern foreign languages, design technology, computing and art. As well as developing subject specific knowledge, understanding and skills, this connected approach allows the school to further develop the literacy and numeracy competences of the pupils. The curriculum builds on the experience that children would have had at primary school. Each pupil will spend a significant amount of time with just one teacher, this allows for in depth assessment and diagnosis of what areas need to be developed for each individual student. Throughout the year the pupils will study four units:

  • Brilliant Birmingham
  • Let Battle Commence
  • The Island
  • Me, Myself and Beyond

Four Topics of Study

On the enquire side of this unit the pupils will learn about the people, culture and architecture of this city. They will also carry out an in-depth study of a significant migration to this city which includes learning about the British Empire and its demise in India. This learning sequence is introduced to the students by Professor Carl Chinn when he presents his talk entitled “One City: Many People.” Parents are more than welcome to attend this event. On the create side the students will be learning about the foods that reflect the different cultures in the city. As well as the expertise of the teaching staff at the school, the pupils will also work with a professional chef to cook the famous Balti.  

The book that is connected to this unit is: Journey to Jo’Burg.

On the enquire side students will investigate the nature of conflict and conflict resolution through case studies of the Vietnam War and Northern Ireland. They will develop their reading skills and stamina for writing whilst completing challenging and focused group, paired and independent tasks. Students confidence and speaking skills will also be encouraged and developed. In create, the pupils will investigate the roll of humans and machines in the design and manufacturing of products.  

The book that is connected to this unit is: Bog Child.

Travelling on a cruise to New York, suddenly you crash land on an island; you should be in the middle of the sea but you find yourself on a deserted island with one question facing you…how will you survive?

On the enquire side The Island is an examination of religion and culture through adventure. In create the students will use their computing skills to find solutions to the problems faced by island life.  

The book that is connected to this unit is: The Edge.

In enquire, the students will be using French and Spanish to describe themselves, the local area and the wider world. Over in create they will be working on creating portraits using mediums such as paint and clay. 

The books connected to this unit are: The Stuff of Nightmares, Torro Torro and Around the World in 80 Days.

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