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Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team consists of pupils and students from all year groups who take the lead on ensuring our faith and ethos permeate through all aspects of school life. They lead by example, are true witnesses to their faith, they are the apostolic core of pupils who see it as their mission to do God’s work. Each form group has a Catholic Life representative and it is this body of students that form the chaplaincy team.

The focus of the chaplaincy team is threefold.

Mission Team – Pupils take the lead on missions of the heart. They organise actions and galvanise their peers in order to make a difference.

Liturgy Leads – Pupils plan, lead and review liturgies in school. They take an active role in Masses and suggest areas for development.

Stewardship group /Eco-Team –  making sure that we care for our common home – reducing consumption and waste. In charge of the prayer garden, recycling and ensuring that our environment is one that we can all appreciate and enjoy.

Deacon M.Casey

School chaplaincy priest doing a service in church. Deacon M.Casey at the altar praying surrounded by catholic religious icons.

Deacon T.Anthony (left)

School chaplaincy team doing a service in church.

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