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Welcome to the Religious Studies Department

As part of a Catholic school we are committed to the Catholic faith, recognising and valuing every student as special and unique made in the image and likeness of God.

Students will be able to question and deepen their knowledge and understanding of God as they encounter scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Through our curriculum, students grow in their knowledge and understanding of Catholicism which enables them to reflect on their own faith and on the beliefs and practices of other people. 

Through the religious studies curriculum students are given the opportunity to consider the ‘big questions’ – does God exist, why do some people believe in God and others do not, what is the meaning of life, why are humans so special, how do we know what is right and wrong, how should we behave, why should we care for the world? 

We aim to encourage students to have the confidence and respect to think, ask questions, listen, and consider different opinions whilst appreciating the Church’s teachings. Students learn how Christ showed tolerance, compassion, love and forgiveness to those most in need and are encouraged to act this out in their own lives.

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