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Pastoral Care at Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School

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Character Centre

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The Hub


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Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School holds the health, wellbeing, safety and welfare of its pupils in the highest regard. We are committed to our pastoral care and we work tirelessly to ensure that our pupils and students grow and thrive in a safe and supportive environment, regardless of their age, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual identity or gender. We have very high expectations on all staff to share these values.

We are dedicated to ensuring that children and young people are valued, respected, listened to and taken seriously especially with regard to their safety and wellbeing. We actively encourage our pupils to report concerns and we provide a safe, supportive environment for them to do so.

We have a number of fully staffed dedicated spaces within school where pupils can receive additional support.  We have our Character Centre, our Hub, our Heads of Year Office and our Medical Room available throughout the day.

We are committed to creating an environment in which pupils are both valued and supported.

Whilst all staff are responsible for the wellbeing of pupils, we have key staff who lead on taking responsibility for pupils’ wellbeing. All pupils are placed in year groups with a head of year and a dedicated tutor team.  

We work with primary schools to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary. 

Our School Rules

In order for pupils to achieve and be successful we have three simple standards that we expect all pupils to meet:

School Rule

What this Looks Like

What this Looks Like

  • Be in school every day – aim for 100% attendance.
  • Arrive on time for all lessons, tutor time sessions and assemblies.
  • Have diaries and pencil cases on desks at the start of lessons.
  • Meet the expected uniform standard every day.  Be smart and professional.
  • Be ready to engage with learning in the classroom and do not give up.
  • Be curious; ask questions.
  • Meet deadlines. Complete homework on time.
  • Revise and prepare for tests.
  • Strive to always be the best that you can.

What this Looks Like

  • Be responsible for your own behaviour.
  • Listen to members of staff and follow all instructions politely and calmly.
  • Walk quickly, quietly and calmly along corridors (keeping to the left).
  • Follow school rules and guidance regarding the use of social media and mobile phones; they should not interfere with your learning and safety.  They should not interfere with the learning and safety of others. 

What this Looks Like

  • Be proud to be a pupil at Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School.
  • ‘Let your light shine’.
  • Follow our school rules.
  • Use manners and talk politely to members of staff and each other.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Be an ambassador for the school. Be polite to members of the community by respecting those around you. This includes on the way to and from school, on buses and in shops.
  • Never be violent or swear or use aggressive language towards anyone.
  • Never bully anyone.

Useful Websites

Samaritans – helpline for those in distress, offering multi-channel support. 

Tel: 08457 90 90 90.


SMS text: 07725 909090

Childnet – a range of resources for primary and secondary schools, for children and young people, for teachers and for parents (

  • Chatdanger – a website that informs about the potential dangers online (including bullying), and advice on how to stay safe while chatting (

Anti-Bullying Alliance – the Alliance brings together over 60 organisations into one network with the aim of reducing bullying. Their website has a paren’ts section with links to recommended organisations who can help with bullying issues

Resources for LGBT+ young people and families. 

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