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Catholic Life

Priest sitting down and postering looking forward in front of altar. Lit candles and icons on altar and shelves.

Chaplaincy Team

Lit candles.


Whole class pupils and teacher standing posturing forward. Students at back standing on chairs. Vinyl records on the walls and informational posters and paper decors.

Character Education

Pupils praying in Catholic mass. Stained glass window of abstract cross design .

Collective Worship

Chaplaincy priest performing Mass, holding up the cross. Surrounded by Catholic icons and lit candles. Cross with Jesus Christ on wall behind the priest.

British Values

Catholic translates as ‘universal’, this means that Christ’s teachings are for everyone regardless of background. As a staff we believe and promote the message that every child is precious and unique and has a mission to use their gifts and talents to make the world around them more peaceful, loving and joyful. We carry out this mission by focusing on a different Catholic Social Teaching each half term. We refer to this in our lessons, assemblies and interactions with students so that it becomes a lived experience.

Half Term 1 CST Focus

Each person is precious, has innate dignity and is a member of our family.

We are called to put the needs of the poor above all else.

We are called to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world who suffer.

Half Term 2 CST Focus

We all have rights and responsibilities.

The work we do should be rooted in dignity.

We are called to care for God’s creation, our common home.

Father Marco is the school chaplain and leads the spiritual life of the school alongside Deacon T. Anthony and Deacon M. Casey. Mr Foley is in charge of Catholic life at the school and together with the whole chaplaincy team they plan and co-ordinate the Catholic life and collective worship across the school. 

Mass:  This is the highest form of prayer and an important celebration at school and we try to do everything we can to make it a special and meaningful occasion. This is our opportunity to model reverence, respect, and tolerance for our young people.   Please don’t worry about what to say or do in mass if this is an unfamiliar experience for you.  Full instructions will be given throughout the service. 

The chapel is open to all staff and students for prayer and quiet reflection throughout the day from opening time until closing time. 

Prayer is central to tutor time and is the first thing students should experience each day. There is a menu of prayers that encourage students.

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