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As a Catholic School, we believe that God has already chosen a path for each of our students.

In the Careers Department it is our aim to help our students discover what that path is to be and to help them develop the skills to manage their way along it.  Our work is in accordance with the words of Blessed Oscar Romero who urged us to “Aspire not to have more but to be more.”

Within the context of the school mission statement, the department aspires to:

  • Help each student explore various aspects of their own self development.

  • Equip each student with the skills that are needed to research different careers

  • Give each student the skills needed to plan their transition from one life stage to another

Our provision is informed by the statutory guidance published by the Department for Education in January 2018.  It is mapped against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Each year we welcome to our school a very large number of guests who support us in our work and we are always keen to form new working relationships.  If you are interested in joining us it would be worthwhile browsing through the details of the programmes of study for the respective year groups to identify the most appropriate opportunities.  A copy of our

access policy can be found here


All of the careers lessons we deliver in school are designed specifically with the needs of our pupils in mind and in accordance with the school’s pedagogy, in particular focusing on KUBA (to know, to understand and to be able to) and the Five a Day mindset – that the lessons are planned, will challenge pupils’ thinking, will be engaging, will encourage resilience and positivity and will take place in an organised and safe environment.

To help pupils work independently we also promote the use of the Start and Barclay’s Lifeskills programmes.  Pupils are also given access to the KUDOS suite of online research tools.

All of our careers lessons are stored electronically. If any parent wishes to see more detailed lesson plans or indeed, examples of lessons taught, they can contact the school. 

In accordance with statutory guidance, details of destinations of our Year 11 and Year 13 leaver's are shared with the local authority in the autumn term.



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