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Sixth Form 

at Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School

Dress Code


Students who enter the Sixth Form are young adults within the school community and they must understand the importance of acting as role models; they are expected to set an example to the rest of the School. Ultimately, students enter the Sixth Form to work and contribute to the wider school community – their dress should reflect this.  

Please be aware that if students attend school dressed in what is judged to be inappropriate they will be sent home to change and or be put in isolation until judged appropriate.  This will also apply to students who are not wearing their identity badge with House lanyard.

  • Ladies choose from:
    Conventional tailored short sleeved dress, skirt or trousers, in dark colours, blue, grey or black. Trousers should be full length and not cut off. Dresses and skirts must be worn with tights and must not be mini-length. Ponte/jersey trousers or skirts are not permitted A conventional blouse or shirt – plain, or modestly patterned providing it is tailored and designed for professional business wear. It must have sleeves and must not be low cut; it must cover shoulders and midriff. Cleavage should not be visible. Cardigans may be worn with blouse/shirt and jacket Plain shoes capable of being polished; suede shoes are not permitted. Shoes should be conventional, work orientated and comfortable in dark colours. Heels should be less than 5cm high. Boots above the ankle are not permitted. Conventional tailored jackets must be worn with dresses, skirts and trousers and must be in dark colours, brown, blue, grey, or black. Patterns are permissible as long as they are subtle and reflect the principle of smart professional dress i.e. – pin stripes, or faintly chequered. Ponte/jersey jackets are not permitted.
  • Gentlemen choose from:
    Conventional two piece suit or three piece suit, with matching tailored jacket and trousers in dark colours, as a general guide in blue, grey, or black. Trousers should be full length. Patterns are permissible as long as they are subtle and reflect the principle of smart professional business dress (i.e. – pin stripes and Prince of Wales check) Conventional office shirt plain or modestly patterned (i.e. stripes and checks) pastel coloured formal shirts may be worn provided they are tailored and designed for professional dress; these must be worn with a tie. Shirts must be tucked in to trousers at all times. The tie must be fully visible to below the knot at all times Cardigans may be worn with shirt, tie and jacket; tie knots must still be visible if a jumper or cardigan is worn Plain leather shoes, capable of being polished; suede shoes are not permitted. Conventional, work orientated and comfortable in dark colours. Ties are to be worn with the top button done up at all times and the knot covering the top button.
  • Other Dress Codes:
    Identity badges and House Lanyard MUST be worn and visible at all times whilst on the school site. Jewellery must be subtle and consistent with smart professional business dress. Belts are to be plain, regular width and designed to hold up trousers or skirts – not just a fashion accessory. No polo shirts and T-shirts Students’ hair should be well-kept, clean and moderate in style, length and treatment; bright dyed colouring, tram lines or other shaved shapes in the hair and ‘bar codes’ in eyebrows are not permitted No clothing with obscene slogans or messages is permitted No head garments (except those worn for parentally confirmed cultural, medical or religious reasons All students must wear jackets in assembly, at formal events as well as to and from classrooms. Students may take jackets off in classrooms, the common rooms, study rooms and the canteens. ​ Please note that the same dress code applies when students sit examinations. ​ The above list is not meant to be exhaustive but instead represents a guideline to the meaning of ‘business dress’. If in doubt the Assistant Head Teacher in charge of Sixth Form should be contacted prior to any purchase to confirm the suitability of any items.
  • The following are NOT permitted:
    Jeans or chino style trousers Jersey jackets, trousers or skirts Corduroy or denim ‘Hoodies’ of any description even if worn as an outdoor coat Headgear (except for parentally confirmed religious or medical reasons and it must be of Dark colours and matching the colour of the days attire) Trainers Combat trousers, shorts or cut-offs Strappy tops or vests Exposing bare midriff, cleavage or chest Sportswear / leisurewear, including velour and cotton jersey Extremes of style, for example, mini skirts Logos Visible facial or body piercings (except ear rings) or tattoos Unnatural hair colourings or extreme hairstyles
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