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Sixth Form 

at Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School

Expectations and Guidelines

We are proud of our Sixth Form.  We are able to offer defined study and social areas, a silent study space, snack bar and IT suite.  We are committed to equipping our students with the skills needed for the world of work and beyond.


Learning in our Sixth Form means that we:

• Have high expectations of all of our students 

• Accept only the best of our students

• Learn in a supportive environment 

• Develop academically, spiritually and socially as a community    





Sixth Form is designed to prepare students for the world of work and university; students should arrive on time for lessons at 8.45 am.  The school day is as follows:   

Use of ICT and Social Media


We recognise the importance of the effective use of ICT and as such, offer the following advice to help keep your son/daughter safe online.


Sixth Form students should consider the following when using the internet or email: 

  • You must not attempt to access or send information that is racist, sexist, obscene or offensive to others

  • School computer, email and internet use must be appropriate to your studies

  • All personal social media is not permitted

  • Entering any personal details online

  • All students have a digital footprint; you should act as a responsible internet and social media user.  Future employers may view social network sites; they may even ‘google’ you

  • Be careful when using social media sites – think before you accept ‘friend’ requests from people you do not know – people are not always who they say they are.  Review privacy settings to avoid everyone seeing your profile. - Never release your current location. Think about the images of yourself that your post online.  Is it something that you are happy for all to see?  Do not compromise yourself or others

  • Do not put up inappropriate comments/photos regarding Sixth Form or teachers.  This will result in disciplinary action


When using information from the internet:

  • Do not pretend it is your own work; plagiarism is taken very seriously

  • Reference the source

  • Always consider the validity and quality of information found and add your own ideas and views

Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School Acceptable Usage Policy

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