Maya Angelou said: “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again”.


The History department at Archbishop Ilsley, aims to both inspire and educate our students so that they have a deeper understanding of the world in which they live.

The study of History gives pupils the opportunity to reflect upon past events in order to help them shape their opinions, so they can make well informed decisions both now and in the future. The study of History not only fires pupils curiosity and imagination, it also helps them develop a wide range of valuable transferable skills including: answering and asking important questions of the present by engaging with the past, valuating evidence, identifying and analysing different interpretations of the past to create arguments and make substantiated judgments. Students will study a broad and diverse curriculum, including topics based around the Middle Ages, the Industrial Revolution, World War One, the Holocaust and the Cold War.


With interactive classrooms and dedicated teachers we provide thought provoking lessons that challenge our students. We

encourage them to engage fully in class and to enhance their understanding further, by completing appropriate homework tasks/projects.


The department offers many opportunities to broaden student’s experiences and education outside of the classroom with regular trips to London, France, Belgium and Germany. Having the opportunity to experience History first hand enables students to deepen their empathy and understanding of past events and underscores why we study the past.

Trips include:

  • London Dungeons

  • WW1 battlefields of France and Belgium

  • Berlin

  • Houses of Parliament



Our KS3 curriculum offers a broad range of lessons and topics. In year 7, students participate in the Enquire and Create curriculum, focusing on the history of conflict and conflict resolution. In year 8 the topics range from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution. In year 9 students focus on the twentieth century.

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At KS4 our students follow the History GCSE Edexcel syllabus. Topics include Crime and Punishment with a focus on Whitechapel, the Cold War, Henry VIII and his ministers and Germany 1918 – 39.

History is a very popular GCSE subject choice and students enjoy the rigour and challenge of the course.


In the specification, please look at the following:

Paper 1 – Option 10.

Paper 2 – Option B3, 26 & 27.

Paper 3 – Option 31


At KS5 our A level students follow the AQA syllabus.


The topics studied are the making of a Superpower: USA 1865 - 1975 and the Making of Modern Britain 1951 – 2007. Students pursue a

broad and challenging curriculum, built on transferable skills, which enables them to become enquiring and engaged citizens.


In the specification, please look at the following: Section 1K and 2S

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