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Sixth Form 

at Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School


Welcome to Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School. I am delighted to know that you are considering applying for a course here.  


We are proud of the achievements of our Sixth Form and feel very strongly, that Archbishop Ilsley offers some of the best opportunities for post-16 education in the area.  We believe it is the quality of teaching, learning and relationships with staff that make the difference to your adult chances of success.

One of the major strengths of Archbishop Ilsley’s Sixth Form is our pastoral system.  Personal Tutors take primary responsibility for monitoring the progress of each student in their tutor group and in addition, we offer all of our students a comprehensive system of careers and higher education advice and counselling.

We look forward to working with you in this crucial stage in your education.

Mr C Clinton - Head Teacher


Archbishop Ilsley offers a dynamic and forward thinking Sixth Form, which is small enough for us to know and help you individually, but large enough to provide a broad range of courses. We set high academic standards and our students achieve continuously good results.

In a fast-changing world, the decisions you make post 16 have become increasingly complicated and ever more important. Our aim is to provide you with the information and guidance that you require at this vital time and then to devise a programme with you which best suits your individual ability and ambitions.

In addition to the different academic courses that we currently offer, there are opportunities for community service, the option to participate in sport and music and the chance to take responsibility and demonstrate leadership in a whole school context.

I am proud to state that we are a Pixl 6 Sixth Form.  PiXL 6 is a national organization which assists in raising student’s aspirations and supporting you to achieve your goals. We are able to focus sharply and provide you with specific, targeted, academic mentoring; support and interventions to ensure that you reach your full potential. 

Mr. J. EL’Habid - Head of Sixth Form

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