The aim of the mathematics department is to challenge the pupils to achieve their potential. We strive to equip the pupils with the necessary skills to tackle the mathematics they will require in life.


The Maths team currently consists of the Head of Department and eleven highly qualified Maths teachers, all of whom are qualified with a Degree in Mathematics or a Mathematics-related Degree. The staff is experienced and work together closely to create exciting and challenging lessons. There is a strong sense of identity within the department and we are all proud of its achievements.


We believe that there is no subject of greater value to a student than Mathematics. It is highly regarded by post-16 institutions as well as employers, so helping all of our students to achieve success will give them the opportunity to have a choice of careers and entry to educational establishments and apprenticeships in the future. Studying this subject enhances students’ logical reasoning abilities and problem solving skills like no other.

Pupils are set according to their ability and are regularly assessed through half term tests. This not only allows us to track pupil progress but also to give detailed formative feedback to enable them to progress further.


Whilst attention is paid to consolidating basic number work, we believe that our aim should be to couple enjoyment of Mathematics with laying a broad and secure foundation for GCSE and beyond. A subject like Mathematics inevitably identifies the extremes of ability. On the one hand, we aim to provide the able mathematician with the necessary stimulus to develop his or her potential and on the other, specialist help is available for those pupils who experience particular difficulties with Mathematics.

Extra-curricular activities include Gifted and talented events such as UKMT Maths Challenges and team challenges. Help with homework is always available for all year groups and specific revision classes are available for pupils who are taking exams.


We want the students at Archbishop Ilsley to be engaged in their learning of mathematics and deliver the curriculum in a captivating, thought provoking way so as to promote independent learning.


The programme of study for key stage 3 is organised into distinct domains, but pupils should build on key stage 2 and connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems. They should also apply their mathematical knowledge in science, geography, computing and other subjects.

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The Mathematics Department is highly supportive of all our students. Students are taught in groups according to their ability and have seven lessons timetabled per fortnight. Every pupil studies topics within the six main areas of number, algebra, geometry and measures, ratio and proportion, probability and statistics; as well as completing several proof tasks.

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We offer both A level Mathematics and AS Core mathematics. Both courses build upon students’ previous experience of Mathematics, developing some topics further and introducing many new and interesting topics. It is both challenging and enjoyable. The subject attracts some of our most motivated Students who undertake hours of work away from the classroom each week and as a result become very successful.

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