The aim of the Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School Geography Department is to develop pupils' awareness of the physical and human world and the complexity of interactions within and between societies, economies, cultures and environments at scales from local to global.

Alongside this we want students to develop key geographical and transferable skills, as well as improve their knowledge and understanding of a range of physical environments. Pupils will learn to question topical issues and consider how humans interact with and manage the environment.


The department works collaboratively to engage students by incorporating creative activities, team work and current affairs into our lessons.

We passionately believe in the importance of geographical fieldwork. A range of field work is carried out in a variety of locations with a variety of year groups. Recent fieldwork locations have included Shropshire, Birmingham & Solihull, the Cotswolds, the Dorset Coast, South Wales, Bewdley, Dudley and the home of Geography…Iceland.


"In an increasingly globalised world, it is more important than ever that we understand the dynamic and ever changing world around us"


Our KS3 curriculum offers a broad range of lessons and topics. In year 7, pupils participate in the Enquire and Create curriculum, focusing on the Brilliant Birmingham topic.

In year 8 and 9 we adopt an approach that builds and develops knowledge, understanding and skills through the study of major global regions and nations. We begin with the United Kingdom, and then broaden our focus to investigate the geography of the Horn of Africa (concentrating on Ethiopia), the Middle East, Russia (spanning Europe & Asia), and China and India in Asia. We end KS3 with a global unit topic on the causes, impacts and management of natural hazards.


At KS4 our students follow the Geography AQA GCSE syllabus.


Topics include natural hazards, the living world and UK landscapes in the physical geography section, and resource management, urban and economic issues in the human geography section. Geographical and fieldwork skills are also developed throughout the course.


Geography is a very challenging and popular GCSE subject choice.

Click here to download the Geography KS4 Overview


At KS5 our A level students follow the AQA syllabus.


The physical geography topics studied are coastal systems, hazards and the carbon and water cycles. The human geography topics are contemporary urban environments, changing places and global systems and governance. Students pursue a broad and challenging curriculum which involves a significant commitment to field study and independent work.

Click here to download the Geography KS5 Overview