The MFL department seeks to develop lively and enquiring minds in our students, ready to acquire knowledge using skills of intellect and creativity from KS3, GCSE through to KS5. 

We encourage the students to foster positive attitudes towards foreign language learning and other cultures, whilst supporting and improving their literacy and numeracy skills for effective communication that will stand them in good stead for further study, employment and adult life.

Lessons are varied using interactive activities, pair and group work. We use traditional as well as online resources to focus on vocabulary learning, grammar, new patterns and translation. Our course delivers the breadth and rigour required to develop the productive skills students need to manipulate language confidently and to prepare them for their exam.  We provide a differentiated approach (Foundation and Higher Student Books) to help support our mixed-ability classes, and facilitate co-teaching and flexibility.

Trips include:

Residential trip to Chateau de la Baudonnière in KS3, Erasmus KA2+ project


At KS3, students have the opportunity to study French or Spanish.


Beginning in Year 7, the students participate in project based Enquire lessons with 3 discrete lessons. The modules studied in years 7
and 8 help lay the foundations required to be successful at GCSE which starts in year 9.

Click here to download KS3 MFL Overview


We follow the AQA French / Spanish syllabus starting in Year 9 to enable coverage over 3 years.


We use Kerboodle to supplement our own resources plus other online aids.


We cover 3 themes:


  1. Identity and culture

  2. Local, national, international and global areas of interest

  3. Current and future study and employment

Click here to download KS4 MFL Overview